Thursday, January 3, 2008

Card Sketch #25

Happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Holiday.

I am very happy to have 2008 here upon us. I am so looking forward to all the things that will happen in this year. I am excited for all the new people I will be able to get to know through the internet.

This week's sketch is one that I came up with while walking the streets in Frankfurt, Germany. In November, I was with a Scrap Freak friend who was on a business trip there. We were walking in the city center when I saw a store sign. I immediately thought of a card. I took a picture of the sign and told Jessica (my friend) about my intentions for a sketch with that as my inspiration.

This card sketch was made with a 3 x 3 card in mind. Granted, you don't have to make yours 3 X 3. The great thing about sketches is that they are there to inspire you. Just like that sign I saw. It inspired me. My card sketch isn't exactly like the sign. But because of that sign, I was able to come up with an idea to make it my own.

Thank you to the wonderful design team members who have contributed to this week's card sketch. I appreciate every single one of you!

Have a great week!


Card By Lori Tecler

Card By Dawn Baty

Card By Trudi Freeberg

Card By Nicola Bray

Card By Holly Lane

Card By Shannon Schafer


Paula said...

Gorgeous creations. I saw Dawn's over on her blog.

Paula said...

I'm back with my card. I need to get some birthdays done ready for sending this year instead of last minute rushes!!


Conibaer said...

Another great challenge, Tamara! This time I´m going to do it! I´ll be back! :o)