Saturday, December 5, 2009

Design Team

Just want you to know that I will not be announcing the new Design Team today. I am so very sorry, as I know there are several of you waiting to hear.

I have been gone all day. Most of you know I live in Germany, and I was in the Netherlands today. And then an hour after getting home from there, I went to a German Christmas Market with my husband. It is almost midnight and I just got back.

With that, I am going to hold off. I can't promise I will get to it tomorrow (Sunday), as I know we have plans to be gone most of the day. But, at the latest, it will be Monday that it will be posted.

Once again, I apologize and hope you understand.



Anita said...

Enjoy your weekend! It sounds like you are having fun.

Ali said...

No problem Tamara! Completely understandable! Dh's Mom is from Germany too. The Christmas markets there are phenomenal- I hope it was lots of fun. Have a good day tomorrow, too. :)

Lean said...

I hope you had FUN...yes christmas markets are great to go at.
bye bye,Lean.