Tuesday, August 14, 2007

12 X 12 Sketch #2

OK, Remember, this blog is a work in progress. So much I still want to accomplish. And I am such a perfectionist, that it will probably take me awhile before I say it is OK the way it is. :D

I was not going to post a new sketch until Thursday, right before I go out of town. But with the Holiday and some friends wanting to see the new blog, I thought I would add another one really fast. With that said, I will upload finished layouts from the designers as soon as I can.

If you complete a layout, leave us a link in the comment section.

Layout By Kathy Hammen

Layout By Sara Fink

Layout By Coleen Johnson

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Jennifer Hodge said...

Hey Tamara, I used this basic sketch to complete a layout. LOL...old sketch...new layout.... http://inking-obsessions.blogspot.com/2008/06/little-beach-bum.html