Monday, September 10, 2007

Layout Sketch #11

Here we are at Monday again! Mondays seem to be a day that I dread. The weekend is over, the craziness of work, school and schedules start all over again.

Although I must say, I am pretty happy that this past week is now behind us. I had my Grandpa's funeral last week. I didn't get to attend and I think that added to my emotional battle last week.

And then my son got beat up at School. Someone punched him right in the mouth and it knocked out one of his teeth. It has been a super hard transition here in Germany. Schools are different. At least here where we live. Anyway, this is such a long story. So if you want to read more, you really should read my personal blog. It is found here: Living In Germany.

So, like I previously mentioned, it is Monday! The one thing I look forward to with Monday, is uploading a new Layout Sketch!

Have a Great Day and I will back tomorrow with a Challenge!


Layout By Tamara Wheeler

Layout By Tamara Wheeler

Layout By Michelle Harrington

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